Natural Fibromyalgia Treatment

If Fibromyalgia pain has been keeping you from living your life with joy and stopping you from doing the things you love, then I encourage you to continue reading.








Treat Fibromyalgia Pain Naturally

You no longer are a victim of this frustrating situation. A natural way to freedom is here. Eighty-percent of people with this challenge are women. Many times, blood tests will appear normal however the symptoms are very real.

Stop Suffering with Fibromyalgia with this Long Lasting Natural Solution

Those suffering with Fibromyalgia typically have some sort of an event that triggers the body to manifest the physical symptoms. Some of these may be a shock or trauma, accident or injury, relationship challenges and life stresses and emotions that have not been processed in the body.

When a person has an ongoing "fight or flight" stress response, it will affect the hypothalamus, pituitary and adrenals and can cause fatigue and many other frustrating symptoms.

Often times, a poor healing response occurs because of not enough sleep and many other challenges, including chronic neck and back pain that seems to return time and time again. Other things that contribute can be toxins in our food and environment.

Because the body is so amazing and everything is connected instead of just being parts, the body becomes short circuited and not functioning or communicating at its best. 

Most importantly, every person is unique and the treatments for Fibromyalgia symptoms need to be specific for each unique person.

Here at Your Healing Place in Delray Beach, Jeanne uses a proven modality for Fibromyalgia therapy that includes Muscle Reflex Testing to dialog with the sub-conscious mind to discover and then harmonize whatever is manifesting the symptoms. This is safe, gentle and works quickly to address the energetic body on all levels.

With this system of therapy for Fibromyalgia, the endocrine system, body chemistry, nervous system, emotions, intolerances, meridians and so much more can be harmonized to eliminate the disease.

Natural Alernatives for Fibromyalgia


Don't waste another minute of your precious life and start to love the life you are living for yourself and those around you!


Jeanne with Your Healing Place in Delray Beach, provides all-natural therapy for Fibromyalgia in South Florida.

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