Lifeline Ignite is a simple and easy way for you to immediately change any negative or limiting life experience into one that is empowering and meaningful. This workshop is based upon the LifeLine Technique™ and Dr. Darren Weissman's book Awakening to The Secret Code of Your Mind

If you are experiencing allergies, addiction, anxiety, depression, stress, headaches, hormonal imbalances, or any other physical symptoms…

You will want to take this workshop.

The Lifeline Ignite Workshop will teach you:

  • The art of muscle reflex testing (MRT)
  • Self healing by upgrading your field
  • Using the frequency of love to heal yourself and others
  • How to manifest an intention and create a portal to access the sub-conscious mind
  • Learn the true meaning of symptoms and stress, and how to transform them into infinite possibilities

Licensed Massage Therapist's can earn 12 CE Credits by attending this one & a half day workshop!

Day One - 9am to 6 pm (1 hour lunch)
Day Two - 9am to 1pm

No training or special skills are needed to take this workshop, and classes are offered throughout the year.